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Who We Are

What We Are About

We are a community of powerful women determined to empower and enlighten the underserved and marginalized. Our mission is to bring forth the teachings and knowledge of those who came before us, with the wisdom of modern world women leaders of today, and help individuals unleash their full potential. From life coaches and spiritual advisors to activist and community leaders, our diverse group of women,

(whom we call warriors), bring unique and powerful perspectives to their work. Unlock your power with our offerings, including workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions designed to help you tap into your inner strength and wisdom. 

Join our thriving community and connect with like-minded women committed to personal growth and social justice. 


Legal Advocates 

GBG helps to connect women in need with pro bono legal services and to help provide support through their difficult times.  Partnering with prestigious law firms across the country, GBG has managed to help almost 5,000 individuals successfully navigate the US legal system. 

Housing Advocates

GBG has helped over 200 women, families, and homeless veteran sisters get off the streets and into a loving home of their own.  By providing help to those who have helped us, GBG strives to give back to veterans by ensuring access to clean and safe housing. 

Girl in Wheelchair

Accessibility Advocates

GBG advocates for increased access to accessible services for disabled veterans, helping put individuals in contact with accessibility contractors and walking them through the process to help ensure equality for all members of the community. 

Humanitarian Advocates

We are devoted to promoting the welfare of women and families across the globe who are less fortunate than we are. Therefore, we advocate for all women worldwide under the umbrella of our N.G.O., ( Non-government agency), N.A.A.W.A., (National African All Women Association). We are an agent of change who believe that all women should participate in making the decisions that affect them. We are certain that the future of the world rests squarely on the knowledge, creativity, skills, leadership and integrity of all goddesses who are united and working together collectively. 

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