In 2009 as estimated by the VA, 107,000 former service men and women were homeless on a given night. Though 96 percent of homeless Veterans are male, the number of female Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans experiencing homelessness is increasing as is the number of homeless Veterans who have dependent children. 


Veterans have been known to have high rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual trauma, and traumatic brain injury, which can lead to higher risk for homelesness. About 70% have substance abuse and about half of homeless Veterans have serious mental illness. Many homeless Veterans have histories of involvement with the legal system.


Goddesses Blessing Goddesses' vision is to empower women Veterans and all women to make positive changes in their lives no matter who they are, where they have come from, or whatever it is that they have gone through. 

We know that all things are possible when it comes to the human spirit.

When will we realize that healing for women is different than it is in men?

When will we also understand that it is our responsibility to accomodate and position ourselves to fully recognize the complete spectrum to meeting the needs of our women Veterans?


Our current project, " Goddesses Retreat One", is one such place developed through GBG that addresses women becoming whole; mind, body, and soul.

To accomplish this goal, we offer services that heal, educate, empower, and prepare as we facilitate therapetic services as women begin to heal, reinvent themselves, and get back to being whole again.



GBG:  Facilitators of Empowered Change 

Goddesses Blessing Goddesses (GBG) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with developing affiliates in the States of  New Jersey, Nebraska, and Nevada.   The vision for the organization was created in 2007 by Dr. Reverend LaDonna Blaylock and inspired by the life and subsequent passing of daughter, Arisa Blaylock,( Ladies Blessing Ladies).  By 2010, GBG secured its 501 c3 status and consecrated a core Board of Directors.   Its mission is to Empower Women and Families through Enlightenment.