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Goddesses Blessing Goddesses at a Glance

A Distinct Identity- Welcome to the website for Modern Day Goddess Warriors!

We are a community of powerful women dedicated to empowering the underserved and marginalized through enlightenment and advocacy. Our mission is to help others to unleash their full potential through education, support, guidance, and well-being and to stand before you as a symbol of strength, resilience, and grace as a mother, sister, or friend. We will begin bringing wellness, nutrition, sustainability, and social engagement back into our communities. We hope that you will join us in this quest. 

Goddesses Blessing Goddesses

Make a Difference Today

African American Kids Dancing
Classmates in the Library
Happy Friends Laughing
Yoga Class
Classmates in the Library



One Step at a Time


Helping The Community


Reinforcing our Commitment

My dear kindred spirits,

we must remember that we are all one in these times of struggle and strife. We are all connected by the threads of humanity that bind us; we must embrace that connection to build a brighter future. We must recognize that the world is not as it should be. There is still poverty and injustice, still hatred and division. But we cannot let these forces defeat us. We must rise, as Maya said, every one of us, and work to create a more just, compassionate, and loving world.

We are at a time when we must look beyond the surface-level differences that separate us and recognize the common humanity that unites us. We must extend kindness and compassion to all people and fight for the rights and dignity of all.


Mattie Carol participated and marched with Goddesses Blessing Goddesses in 2010 in their annual Mother and Daughter Day of remembrance for 11 women.

She Passed away to be with Spirit on July 4th, 2022.

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 Parma Heights, Ohio 44130

Rabbi, Minister LaDonna Hudson- Blaylock D.D. 

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