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Thank you for the opportunity to share more about Goddesses Blessing Goddesses (GBG) and our important work unfolding in and around the Slavic Village neighborhood.  GBG is a non-profit organization committed to revitalizing poor communities, domestically and internationally, into vibrant centers of renewed life through the empowerment and enlightenment of women and their families.  Through healing, education and support, GBG believes that women veterans and all women will reach their potential as sustainable citizens and return to their sacred and central role in maintaining vital neighborhoods.  This is the vision-mission of GBG.



  For the first time since 1970, women have lost jobs, while men have found them; since May 2011, women lost 218,000 jobs while men gained 768,000.[1]   This is a worrisome trend for the entire country, since over 7 million families rely mainly or solely on the woman’s income to survive.[2]   These economic stressors are piled atop an already fragile existence for women living in urban communities, where trends of increasing violence and declining educational achievement break down the essential fabric of family and community life.



Our communities will never recover economically until more women are living sustainable lives.


We find that women need:


  • Community Services and Programs

  • Recovery Counseling

  • Health Care Referrals

  • Education, Life Skills and Job Training

  • Transformative Art Therapies

  • Community Healing 


“Communities infused with a culture of violence can never be sustainable.  That is because the climate is made up of feelings of fear, victimization and an imbalance in power.   The only way to create change on a deep level, beyond jobs, is empowerment.   We must teach adults they have the power to reclaim and shape their own lives, and we must teach children to never forfeit their lives to begin with.”


 Rev. LaDonna Blaylock

GBG Executive Director























[1] Rakesh Kochhar, Two Years of Economic Recovery:  Women Lose Jobs, Men Find Them, Pew Research Center, July 6, 2011.


[2] Heidi Hartmann, “The Impact of the Current Economic Downturn on Women: Testimony to Joint Economic Committee,” testimony, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, at the hearing: “The Employment Situation: May 2008,” June 6, 2008.


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Other Events

Summit County Coming Together for Women Veterans Committee sponsors:



Saturday May 16, 2015

9am – 3pm

At Summit County Veterans Service Commission

1060 E Waterloo Road, Akron Oh 44306


Are you a female and did you go to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Reserves or National Guard?