Brothers of the Goddesses


 Brothers of the Goddesses is a group of spiritually seeking and consciousness expanding men who believe in and demonstrate respect for women and girls.  We acknowledge the unique place women hold in society, family, organizations, and business and honor their sacred space.  We strive to know ourselves honestly and authentically and, in this way, we create relationships with women in healthy, positive ways and supportive ways, professionally and personally.  


We are active participants in the community, as well, and are committed to bringing our talents, wisdom and resources to community projects worthy of servant leadership.   We believe in the power of real friendship and role modeling, so that men and boys can be present to one another when in need.  And we are interested in teaching emerging young men what it means to be a man in today’s world.


 We recognize women as equal to, but not the same as, men.  We recognize men as equal to, but not the same as, women.   And we are always striving to have balanced power and harmony in relationships.




The “Brothers” believe that men have the capacity to be many things in society, including:  Brother, Friend, Companion, Role Model, Lover, Husband, Warrior, Spiritual Companion, and Creator.